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Koi Pond Linings (Milford on Sea)

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A very lovely designed pond in an amazing garden. This particular pond had had many different types of liners before the owner opted for a permanent fix and chose Fibreglass Lining. This particular pond had a water table issue which needed to be dealt with in order for the lining system to be installed. SLS spent many hours dealing with this but we got there in the end!

Once the water table had been dealt with, the pond was lined with two layers of 450csm matting embedded in Polyester resin and finished in SLS’s specialist Surface Tissue and allowed to dry. The pond was then allowed to dry before application of a resin wash, 25% Gel Coat, 75% Resin with British Racing Green Pigment allowing to dry.

Once dried, the pond was sanded to make a completely smooth surface for the final coat. The gel coat was prepared and mixed perfectly to get a complete colour match throughout the coat. The finished article was a lovely finish in a great classic colour, the koi will appreciate their new home and the owner will appreciate the low maintenance of owning a Fibreglass Lined Pond.

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