Abrasive blasting is a preparation method that originated back in 1870 and ever since it has been the most prominent method of preparation to various substrates, from metal to masonry. It is also known as sandblasting.

It is excellent at completely removing coatings, and the etch of concrete and metal. Blasting removes all corrosion, coatings and contamination from steel and leaves a surface profile that will accept coatings and fibre glass linings. You can Blast old oak beams to remove old paint or bring them back to the original colour, you can remove grime, dirt an paint from brickwork and stone.

Abrasive blasting uses compressed air, which enters a pressure vessel, the abrasive is inside the vessel and when this is pressuried it is forced through a blasting hose to a nozzle where the air abrasive stream is taken down in size to achieve 100psi of pressure which is essential for the removal of coatings and corrosion and of course achieving the correct surface profile.

With 10 years trade experience we have various blasting methods to achieve the correct preparation system for your project.

We know Blasting is a noisy, dusty, and messy job but it’s essential to making your coatings or lining systems life extended. So it’s our aim to get the preparation done in the most productive way.  With Safety as our number one priority we can offer containment, extraction and warning signs.

We aim to be the most competitive in the market, with our Abrasive blasting pricing we aim to match or beat our competitors.

Industrial Blasting

Heavy blasting of corroded tanks is our speciality, removal of old failed coatings we have the equipment and experience to remove efficiently.

Ornate Blasting

From oak beams to masonry we have the experience and equipment to deal with delicate blasting.

Health and Safety

Such a torrid environment when blasting is undertaken we have the control measures to protect our operatives and the public.

Client Service is our top priority

Here at Specialist Lining Services client service is our number one priority. We offer a great service from start to finish by offering sound knowledge to our clients about the work being undertaken, the implications and the finished article. Throughout the process our clients are kept up to date with how projects are running and upon completion a brochure is handed to our client showing them the processes we have carried out which includes a photo montage and that all important guarantee on our works we have carried out.