Specialist Lining Services Limited Polyurea Coating & Lining Systems

Specialist Lining Services Offer a site Service for the Application of Specialist Pure Polyureas, we have a self-Equipped Works Van self-sufficient & fully integrated allowing the vehicle to be as close as possible to the project that requires application of Polyurea! Offering a Swift Quality Service at the Flick of a switch!

Specialist Lining Services Ltd are Now a one stop Shop in the UK industry for all Linings & coatings, Polyurea Application has been added to our already expansive services list that includes Glass Reinforced Plastic Linings, Specialist Epoxies & Polyurethane application, Grit Blasting, Pond & Pool Linings, Tank & Bund Cleaning, Roof Linings and in House Bespoke GRP Mouldings.

We want our Potential Customers to get an Excellent Service from Start to finish without the need for multiple contractors to carry out one project whilst also offering a more competitive Rate that would be given by utilising multiple contractors.

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is a fast Setting Material that is applied utilising a Specialist Hot Spray equipment, the Material Consists of Resin and Isocyanate at a 1:1 Ratio which is mixed in a Specialist Polyurea Application Gun only when the gun trigger is Pulled allowing the materials to be mixed precisely allowing and almost instant cure on contact with the Substrate. Polyurea Coatings have been around for Around 30 years and were originally made for the Automotive industry in particular back of Pickup trucks due to its abrasion resistance. Soon after the material was used in other Applications such as Roofs, Pools, Ponds, Tanking & Secondary Containment Which is why it went hand in hand With Specialist Lining Services Ltd

Advantages of Polyureas?

  • Very Fast Setting between 5 and 20 Seconds
  • Rapid return to service Saving ££££’s on traditional time-consuming Linings and Coatings.
  • Can Be applied in Sub Zero Temperatures unlike traditional Epoxies and polyurethanes.
  • The material can be built up to any required thickness offering more structural integrity.
  • Fantastic Abrasion resistance
  • 100% Waterproof Membrane
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
  • High Elongation
  • High Tensile Strength

Polyureas do have some disadvantages in comparison of Traditional Linings Namely they do not have very High Chemical Resistance, traditional Glass reinforced Plastic Linings & Epoxies are still required when storing High concentration chemicals. Over the next few years with new Advancement in technology It is my belief that the development of more chemical resistant Polyureas will come to the market. Which is why Specialist Lining Services are offering the services of all types of Linings to you the customer.

Uses for Polyurea Application?

  • Storage Tanks Linings in particular the Water Storage Industry.
  • Secondary Containment, such as in Bunds & Plant Rooms
  • Flat Roofs
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Swimming Pool Tanking
  • Ponds
  • Waste Water Structures such as Inlet chambers etc...

Please get in touch by either Telephoning out Office on 01787 844666 or sending us an enquiry on sales@specialistliningservices.co.uk where one of our Polyurea Experts will be delighted to deal with your enquiry swiftly.

Client Service is our top priority

Here at Specialist Lining Services client Service is our number one priority. We offer a great service from start to finish by offering sound knowledge to our clients about the work being undertaken, the implications and the finished article. Throughout the process our clients are kept up to date with how projects are running and upon completion a brochure is handed to our client showing them the processes we have carried out which includes a photo montage and that all important guarantee on our works we have carried out.