The protective coatings market has grown dramatically in the past 10 years coupled in the advancements in coatings formulas and coating applications, coatings can be applied in the most demanding conditions.

Traditional Epoxies and polyurethanes are now not the only widely used industrial coatings, Polyureas and urethane coatings have crept into the market offering quicker curing times and excellent chemical resistance.

Specialist Lining Service have excellent knowledge of coatings and the appropriate application methods.  We pride ourselves in Specialist Applicators of solvent free Epoxies that are particular used in the bulk fuel storage industry, these coatings are not the easiest to apply, strict conditions need to be adhered, SLS have the experience and knowledge to apply these successfully.

We apply all coatings from Epoxies to Polyurea’s

–          Anti-Corrosive Epoxy & Polyurethane combined systems

–          Polyurea fast setting coating systems

–          Specialist Tank Linings

–          Solvent Free Epoxies

–          Solvent Free Polyurethane Systems

–          Intumescent Coating Systems

–          Chemical resistant Coating systems

With a variety of systems, we can offer warranties of up to 25 years, our staff have excellent skills in masking and protecting areas from overspray and spillages. Are specialist systems are thickness checked and spark tested to comply with coating manufacturers specifications.

If you have any queries relating to Protective coatings and any of Tank linings and coating systems, we have on offer please get in touch on 01787 844666 or email

100% Coverage

Our coating systems installed by our expert applicators are always carried out to the highest standard.

Guaranteed against corrosion

Dependant on systems used we offer 5 -25 year guarantees against corrosion giving you peace of mind that we are undertaking are coatings correctly. Spark tests and thickness tests are always carried out with all our projects.

Excellent range of products

We apply only the best coatings using the correct application methods. Polyurethanes, epoxies, acrylics, enamels and Mastic Epoxies.

Client Service is our top priority

Here at Specialist Lining Services client Service is our number one priority. We offer a great service from start to finish by offering sound knowledge to our clients about the work being undertaken, the implications and the finished article. Throughout the process our clients are kept up to date with how projects are running and upon completion a brochure is handed to our client showing them the processes we have carried out which includes a photo montage and that all important guarantee on our works we have carried out.