We all know the excellent waterproofing of plastic right? We hold water in plastic bottles and it does a pretty good job of stopping the water coming out or anything getting through! So how about the properties of Plastic on a Flat roof?

What Specialist Lining Services do when it comes to flat Roofs is they use GRP which is short for Glass Reinforced Plastic. Essentially what we do is we create very strong plastic, the plastic is created by Resin (liquid Plastic) and a hardener is added to make the product hard. The reinforced section of the word GRP is matting used to give the plastic immense strength and waterproofing. The Combined matting and Plastic give us the fantastic material of GRP which has high tensile strength, excellent adhesion to most surfaces, insulation & most importantly excellent waterproofing skills. Pretty much everything you could want your roof to be can be done using the fantastic material GRP! Our systems are always a minimum of 2 layers of 450csm matting and we always have a coat of resin followed by a flow coat finish. Giving a pinhole free system.

Key Benefits of a GRP Finished Flat Roof

–          100% waterproof tight Seal

–          Excellent Insulating Properties

–          Will outlast felt roofs by 25 + years

–          Looks really appealing and comes in almost any colour

–          Will Bond to OSB Wooden Boards

–          Can be finished using drip Edge which can make your GRP Roof look very stylish.

Leaking Flat Roof? We can remove the defective liner and wooden sheets and replace with new OSB boarding and line the boards using our GRP Lining System.

Cracked Asbestos Roof allowing water into your garage? Why pay expensive removal costs when you can encapsulate it in fibreglass and make it more structurally stronger. Encapsulation is much better than the impact on the environment with disposal costs. Remember Asbestos is only dangerous when disturbed so encapsulation is the most cost effective method.

So if you have a Flat Roof you are creating for an extension, don’t think felt or an expensive rubber membrane think GRP, not only is it the most cost effective but it will outlast all other methods.

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All our floor coatings are impact and abrasion resistant making them perfect for heavy foot traffic and forklift movement.

Eye catching

All of our floor coatings come in a big range of colours from the RAL and BS Colour Range and come in matt, satin and gloss sheens.

Precise Application

Our operatives are highly skilled in the application of floor coatings from the correct preparation to the perfect finished product.

Client Service is our top priority

Here at Specialist Lining Services client Service is our number one priority. We offer a great service from start to finish by offering sound knowledge to our clients about the work being undertaken, the implications and the finished article. Throughout the process our clients are kept up to date with how projects are running and upon completion a brochure is handed to our client showing them the processes we have carried out which includes a photo montage and that all important guarantee on our works we have carried out.