A Bund is a constructed retaining wall designed to prevent inundation or breaches from a known source such as a storage tank. It is a secondary containment system commonly used to protect environments from spills where chemicals or oil are stored. Bunds are normally constructed of concrete or brick, over time the concrete is weathered away and allows liquid to eventually pass through.

What we offer?

Glass Reinforced plastic linings to Bunds, the best method for completely sealing your bund so it contain a leak from the storage tank.

  • Visually Appealing
  • Hardwearing
  • Easy to clean
  • Can Last in excess of 25 years

We can apply our Lining systems to all sorts of bunds from oil storage to chemical bund. they can range in size from a few SQM to 1200SQM +, Our team of specialists will offer you an excellent service and guarantee your Bund to contain should there be an emergency Spillage.

Chemical and erosion resistant

All our Bund linings are resistant to many chemicals they prevent erosion and corrosion from occurring on your substrates.

Long Lasting

All our Bund Linings come with a 5 – 10 year Guarantee. Fibreglass has been known to last in excess of 25 years!

Easy Maintenance

Easy to clean, if you wish to modify the bund repairs are simple and cost effective to complete.

Client Service is our top priority

Here at Specialist Lining Services client Service is our number one priority. We offer a great service from start to finish by offering sound knowledge to our clients about the work being undertaken, the implications and the finished article. Throughout the process our clients are kept up to date with how projects are running and upon completion a brochure is handed to our client showing them the processes we have carried out which includes a photo montage and that all important guarantee on our works we have carried out.